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Your EurAupair au pair will live in your home as a family member, which allows your children to play and learn in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of your own home and neighborhood.

You can make it happen, by living as part of an American host family for a whole year through Eur-Au pair International Child Care Programs.

You can make it happen, by living as part of an American host family for a whole year through Eur-Au pair International Child Care Programs.

The Benefits of Intercultural Child Care

An Au pair exchange program is an intercultural live-in nanny program providing home care for children and toddlers across the United States. An au pair is more than a babysitter or nanny; he or she becomes a part of the family, living in the home and playing a vital role in the lives of the children he or she works with. In return, an au pair in America has the opportunity to immerse herself in American culture and earn citizenship while being supported by a host family.

Ultimately, that relationship is beneficial to everyone. The parents will appreciate having help in raising the children and dealing with household affairs, especially if those parents hold down high-powered careers that keep them away from their families for long hours. The au pair will enjoy the opportunity to explore a new country while having the comfort and safety of a host family to aid in the transition. The children especially will benefit from being raised in an environment of cultural diversity.

There are several benefits of having an Au Pair in America:

Consistency Daycare facilities or babysitters are prone to constant change and upheaval, and children may learn to associate childcare with uncertainty or stress. In contrast, an Aupair lives with the family and is a constant member of the household, creating a much more consistent and positive experience. Children also learn to love the au pair as family, which increases their aptitude for compassion.

ToleranceYoung children are easily influenced by the people around them. If a child grows up in a strong multicultural household, he’ll be more likely to practice tolerance and understanding toward other cultures as an adult. In a country defined by its cultural mixing, being tolerant and accepting of all cultures is the first step toward a successful and compassionate lifestyle.

Exposure Many children are not raised with cultural understanding. They may become nervous or frightened around people of other ethnicities, and this fear could translate into bigotry as the child grows older. Alternately, children who are raised around people of varying ethnic backgrounds are less likely to discriminate between racial lines and will tend to judge people on their own merits.

Education An au pair also provides education to the child. The child may learn valuable language skills from a foreign nanny. He will also have better access to a cultural tradition including stories, art or activities. Children who have a wide variety of experiences at an early age are more likely to pursue independent learning as adults, and children who are exposed to multiple languages early in life will often read at a higher level and develop more advanced language skills.

Affordability According to many aupair agencies in the US, au pairs usually only cost $345 a week. After the agency’s fees, having an aupair in the USA can be really affordable form of in home child care

Children who are raised with an au pair in America are also more likely to consider using a similar service for their own children. This helps to support the industry and allows more people to come to the United States to pursue careers in child care.